The True Meaning of Kaizen


I love learning. Especially when it’s about something I thought I understood already.

Enter this gem I received in this morning’s email. This video, produced by Gemba Academy, wow’d me as I learned more about the word Kaizen than I ever knew.

The True Meaning of Kaizen

A wonderful way to end the week. Enjoy!

by Erica Lee Garcia P.Eng. reply

Wow – that is super-interesting! I knew the change for the better but not the further breakdown. When I facilitated Kaizen events in Tanzania we had to come up with a name that would convey the meaning in Swahili so they chose ‘Boresha Haraka’ which is actually ‘improve quickly’!

    by Karen Martin reply

    Thank you, Erica – for both your comment and sharing the Swahili version! So nice to see Kaizen being spread globally. Thank you playing an important role.


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