Metrics-Based Process Mapping (MBPM), developed by Mike Osterling and Karen Martin, is a tactical-level, visual mapping approach that enables improvement teams to make effective, data-based decisions regarding waste elimination and measure ongoing process performance. The mapping technique, typically used to drill down from a value stream map, integrates the functional orientation of traditional swim lane process maps with time and quality metrics that are essential for designing improved processes.

The Excel-based tool provides a user-friendly way to electronically archive manually created maps in team settings for easier storage and distribution across an organization. The electronic maps serve as standard work documentation for the improved process, enabling training and process monitoring activities.

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  • The biggest benefit to someone in the service industry, is that the metrics are easy to understand and easy to calculate. Our management and team leaders could actually get their arms around the data in order to understand the impact of improving on the current state summary metrics. We follow-up each Rapid Process Improvement event with monthly dashboards to track the progress made during the workshop. This would not be possible without a baseline from those metrics.

    Maureen Counsel - Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan

Metrics-Based Process Mapping takes readers to the next level in understanding processes and process improvement. The Excel-based tool features:

  • A custom toolbar that simplifies map creation and editing
  • Automated calculation of key metrics
  • An audit feature to prevent mapping errors
  • The ability to simulate how improvements will impact staffing requirements

System Requirements: The tool is intended for use on PCs only — it will NOT function on Macintosh computers. It also requires a full version of Excel. It will not function on stripped down versions of Excel.