Cultivate a Clear and Calm Mind 

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises moment-by-moment by paying attention non-judgmentally without distraction. It’s a state of being that enables leaders to lead with greater clarity by developing a calm and focused mind.

Mindfulness and the practice of mindfulness meditation is a trending topic in leadership and management literature for good reason: there’s a growing body of scientific evidence showing that mindfulness meditation changes the brain in a powerful, performance-enhancing way. It develops areas of your brain responsible for self-regulation, which allows you to more effectively place your attention where you want it, regulate your mood, and manage how you process information. It also helps create more healthful stress responses and more effective ways for the brain to process a large volume of inputs.

From C-suites to the frontlines, operating with mindfulness is an easier, more effective way to achieve business results. But operating with mindfulness doesn’t just happen. It requires training the mind to operate in new ways.

Mindful at Work Programs

Our Mindful at Work programs—developed by mindfulness expert Elizabeth Prather—are designed for organizations looking to improve clarity, focus, effectiveness, productivity, creativity, and the well-being of their employees—which are key drivers for outstanding organizational performance.

Mindfulness training enables you to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness and well-being of your workforce
  • Cultivate leaders that are self-aware, focused, and effective
  • Build workplace cultures based on understanding, connection, and collaboration.

Programs are delivered in-house, online, or a combination of the two. We offer several options and can work with you to choose the program that is right for your organization.

Introductory workshops

These 1-3 hour workshops introduce mindfulness, its value in the workplace, and the science and research highlighting its benefits. The workshop introduces a simple and powerful mindfulness practice that trains the brain to be more clear, focused, creative, and resilient, and tips and guidance about how to bring mindfulness into the work day and daily life.

Full-day workshop

This deeper exploration of mindfulness includes an overview of the science and current research behind mindfulness, its benefits, and detailed instructions on how to develop a mindfulness practice that trains the brain to be more clear, focused, creative, and resilient. This highly interactive workshop includes practical exercises, tools, and techniques to successfully integrate mindfulness into the work day and daily life.

Multi-session programs

Our signature program includes 5-8 sessions that provide participants with a deep understanding of mindfulness. Sessions include detailed instruction and guidance in mindfulness practice as well as practical workplace applications and mental strategies that help support a more mindful way of working and living. Programs are engaging, interactive, and tailored for each client’s interests and needs.

Mindful Leadership

Our 1-3 day Mindful Leadership programs are designed to help leaders survive and thrive in today’s always-on, high pressure business environments. With mindfulness, leaders think more critically, make better decisions, solve problems more effectively, manage change more skillfully, remain calm in the eye of the store, build stronger teams, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, and lead more effectively in uncertain times. They become effective, engaged, and productive leaders.

Sessions include the neuroscience and current research behind mindfulness; practical examples, tools, and techniques; and exercises and discussion to help leaders integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.

The program can be delivered at the worksite or designed and integrated into offsite leadership retreats, annual meetings, and other types of off-site meetings. Sessions are interactive, engaging, and supportive as leaders change how they think, work and lead in more mindful and effective ways.

To discuss your organization’s needs and our program options, please email us at

For more information on mindfulness, see Chapter 7 in Karen’s latest book, Clarity First and other recommended books on the subject.