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If you’re a leader or an improvement professional, becoming an effective coach is THE capability to be developed and, frankly, most people in these roles are not very good at it. Why? Because most people with an aptitude for and interest in leading, quality, process design, and organizational transformation are super-star performers. And passionate. Sounds like the recipe for success, right?

Not so much.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with thousands of executives, managers, and full-time improvement professionals. By and large, these well-meaning people fall into two categories: 1) people who like to teach and are generous with their knowledge; 2) people who feel threatened and want to hold on to the knowledge they have. The reality is that most people don’t emerge from the womb hard-wired as masterful coaches.

But the good news is that it can be taught. Serving as an effective coach is one of the most powerful acts of respect you can demonstrate. And it’s a skill that can be applied in every aspect of a person’s life.

The most important type of coaching? Problem solving. Companies, governments, even families experience fewer problems when its members are proficient problem solvers. And, as I address in my book, The Outstanding Organization, without widespread problem-solving capabilities, organizations will never perform at the levels they are capable of.  To accelerate improvement, we need more coaches. Good coaches.

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Teaching by telling is the go-to position for most leaders and improvement professionals. Join me at one of three upcoming workshops to learn how to turn “telling” into “developing” so your organization (and family) can solve problems more effectively.

Monday, April 15, 2013 – San Antonio, TX – Half-Day Workshop – Register Now

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – Indianapolis, IN – Full-Day Workshop – Register Now

Friday, October 25, 2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Half-Day Workshop – Registration will be open in a month

I look forward to joining you on your path to mastery.

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by Ellen reply

Very well said

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I love this. It would be nice if this could be facilitated by webinar for us not within a reasonable distance of these event locations


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