Putting an End to “Organizational ADD”

Businesses routinely attempt to accomplish too much and quickly lose focus when the next fire erupts or a new “shiny ornament” appears.

Strategy Deployment (also known as hoshin kanri and policy deployment) is a highly effective means for prioritizing and maintaining focus on the projects and improvement activities that lead to outstanding business performance. But many organizations need to build fundamental skills before they’re ready to fully utilize strategy deployment as it was intended.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to build fundamental skills by:

• Prioritizing the laundry list of what you COULD focus on as an organization and create a “must do, can’t fail” list of what you WILL focus on.

• Gaining organization-wide alignment, the key to successful plan execution.

• Managing the plan to keep distractions at bay and generate the level of results all organizations are capable of.

In short, you’ll learn how to accomplish meaningful improvement in a way that aligns rather than divides, and puts improvement in its rightful place as an integral part of achieving overarching business goals.

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