Commit to Being an Outstanding Organization

Just as you may be re-evaluating your personal goals for the New Year, January is a great time to re-evaluate your organization’s management practices and set new goals that will enable you to move your organization ahead.

If you’re not sure how to start, this webinar—based on Karen Martin’s book The Outstanding Organization—presents a framework for understanding the four keys for creating lasting transformation.

It’s time to replace the habits that don’t serve your organization well with new ones that accelerate results.

Will you commit to helping your organization become outstanding in 2013? All it takes is a critical mass to create the type of momentum that’s tough to stop.

Join us for this important webinar and learn how to:
* Replace organizational ambiguity with CLARITY and truth telling.
* Help your organization FOCUS and break its “organizational ADD” habit.
* Instill DISCIPLINE into your company’s DNA.
* Create the conditions for deep employee ENGAGEMENT.

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