Clarity First: Purpose & Priorities

Operating with a clear purpose provides the “guardrails” that enable organizations to make consistent decisions, and it provides the stickiness for deep employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Defining clear priorities to stay true to one’s purpose helps organizations channel resources to those activities that matter most now and avoid operating with Organizational ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Yet most organizations suffer from a lack of clarity about their purpose and priorities–and/or they have too many priorities–which creates poorer performance on all fronts.

In this webinar–the 2nd of 5 webinars based on content from Karen’s latest book, Clarity First–you learn how to identify your organization’s true purpose. You will also learn a method for defining and managing priorities at any level in the organization.

If you haven’t taken it already, we recommend you take the Clarity First Quiz to see how you and your organization rate ( You may also be interested in purchasing the book to obtain a deeper understanding –

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