Reclaim your inbox and unleash your productivity by engaging in one-on-one coaching or hosting a workshop at your company. Choose from the following three programs.

Inbox Zero

Imagine the relief you’ll feel and the freedom you’ll gain when your email gets to zero on a regular basis. Rather than continually mulling over an inbox of 200 or 2,000 messages waiting for your response, you’re free to focus on your priorities.

The Inbox Zero program teaches you how to stop living in email. You’ll learn:

  • A process to ensure that you only touch incoming email once
  • What to do with every email, making the process quicker and easier
  • How to prioritize important messages to ensure your follow up


Inbox Zero & The List 

Building on the Inbox Zero program, this program also teaches you how to create and manage a single to-do list and adopt a weekly review routine. These critical elements help you to regain control of your priorities and increase your productivity. This program will teach you:

  • How to organize to-do’s into a single task list
  • Strategies to prioritize tasks and manage change
  • Daily and weekly habits to keep you focused and in control of your day


Full Productivity Reboot 

This program offers you a comprehensive approach to improving your productivity and includes the Inbox Zero and The List programs, and a re-boot of additional work systems such as paper and electronic files, goal realization and delegation. You also learn effective techniques for reducing procrastination. You will build a complete system, so you’re always on top of your priorities and goals. This program helps you:

  • Set clear goals and develop a systematic way of reaching them
  • Make use of available resources and decrease your workload by delegating appropriately
  • Organize your computer and paper files so they are quickly accessible
  • Decrease procrastination so you get things done

All programs include one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as follow-up calls and resources to sustain your gains.

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