Problem Solving: The P in PDSA

Effective problem solving is not an innate skill that most people are born with.

Even for those few lucky ones who are born with natural problem-solving talent, it is often drummed out of them by parents, teachers, and bosses. And those whose academic preparation would lead you to believe that they’re highly skilled in this area (such as engineers and physicians) regularly fall prey to sloppy problem-solving.

The good news is that effective problem-solving is a skill that can be developed. Everyone can learn to solve problems effectively given the will and ample practice with a skilled coach/teacher.

This webinar focuses on the P (plan) phase of the PDSA/PDCA cycle (plan-do-study-adjust), which is the most difficult phase of scientific problem solving for people to master. Topics include:

• Setting a target condition
• Problem clarification
• Scoping and qualifying the problem
• Root cause analysis

Watch this lively discussion and learn the important first steps for closing the gap between where you are and where you’d like or need to be.

As preparation for the webinar, you may want to read the Discipline chapter in Karen’s Shingo Award-winning book, The Outstanding Organization.

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