Establish a Continuous Improvement Culture

Organizational culture – everybody talks about it, few understand its underlying mechanisms and even fewer know how to truly establish the culture they need to succeed.

A structure that enforces discipline can help you develop necessary habits but that won’t be enough to achieve breakthrough performances and ensure long term success. That requires establishing an atmosphere where people wholeheartedly engage in their work and are enthusiastic about continuously improving it. This is where culture comes in. Culture is the abstract root cause for why teams with the same training, following the same routine and using the same tools, can produce completely different results.

In this webinar you’ll get a new perspective of what organizational culture is and learn how to establish a culture where your entire organization continuously and methodically improves!

Joakim Ahlström is an internationally recognized expert on establishing continuous improvement cultures and helping organizations achieve excellence in all fronts. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, he’s the author of How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement and the Head of Consulting at C2 Management. Ahlström has helped global companies such as Coca Cola, Volvo, Ericsson and IKEA achieve long-term improvement in performance by supporting the development of a high-performance continuous improvement culture.

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