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self-assessmentLean Coaching is all the rage and improvement professionals are flocking to Coaching conferences, webinars, etc. to learn how to coach the improvement process.

To be effective, improvement coaches need to be highly proficient in a broad range of skills, including:

  • The technical aspects of improvement (tools and practices)
  • Basic psychology (especially motivation, resistance, confidence, etc.)
  • Coaching (how best to serve the coachee’s development)

In addition, as further described in The Outstanding Organization, coaches need to know when to teach (directive development) and when to draw on the wisdom of the coachee to help them move ahead in the plan-do-study-adjust improvement cycle (reflective development).

Download and take this assessment to evaluate your current skill set and create a development plan to enhance your level of proficiency. You may visit our webinar library¬†and/or purchase Karen’s books to aid you in your development.

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